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Just what happens when you don’t sleep at night

That’s what makes me feel alive. Watching time pass slowly in the darkness of the night. No noise. No disturbance. Just Silence, interrupted periodically by the ticking of the clock (roughly once every second !)


                                                                          Leave me alone, will you now ?

Whether you live a busy life or not, this is an experience worth having. Sitting alone for the entire night figuring out how to pass time. (Time, however passes on its own accord, that sarcastic guy)

It is quality time spent with yourself and it also means you do not have to worry about getting up early in the morning ! As a bonus, you get to see the sunrise in the city you live in , that is if you move your ass out just as the day starts breaking.

And alone I say because, no matter what if you are planning on pulling an All – Nighter with a friend, doing nothing, take my word for it – “He/She is going to give up on you.” You will end up sleeping at around 4 or 5 AM and ruin the entire day. Been there done that.

At times the eye will start burning, pleading you to crash and your bed will seduce you no end to lie down. But remember perseverance pays. If you lie down even for a minute under these conditions, you will be subjected to time travel and wake up disoriented the next day.


That would cross your mind as soon as you get up. Not a good start, eh?

The best way is alone. Make a habit. Something like – “Okay, If it is past 3 AM by even a single tick of the second’s arm of my clock (buzz off if you keep only digitals !), I shall fight to remain awake till the Sun comes over the far sky ”

That done, it is not going to be a fight. Take my word for it. You will love every second. Provided you find something to do. Like I am writing this post to while away my time.

If you live in a safe neighborhood, you could go for a walk and give the poor moon some company. Sometimes I wonder why we have to sleep at night. But then I am thankful. No cars, no traffic, no pollution, no commotion, no crowd, no noise – peace.


I never do see so many stars from where I live. I hope you do. Twinkle – on – off …

The best part is that once the sun rises, you will never feel like you never slept. Google tells me that we take micro naps during these times which fulfill the need for sleep. And that happens so fast that we are not even aware of it.

Had i been the designer of Humans, i would have added a switch which could make us sleep and rejuvenate at the press of a button. But then, we would not dream, right? But then i don’t dream very well. I wake up with a confused array of thoughts and mostly i cannot even remember my dreams.


However, Mom:- C’mon you’ve gotta sleep now

Me:- Just 5 minutes maa, let me finish –

Mom brandishes the switch and puts up an evil smile and says – “You                                                                                                                 know  what happens when I press this button, don’t you dear ?”  

                                                                              Not a Good deal. NO

Randy Gardner holds the official record for having stayed awake continuously for 264 hours. That’s one mean task. Apparently he needed just 14 hours of sleep to recover. Guineas however quotes a record of a whooping 449 hours which is not officially confirmed as they have some policy against it.

Am I ranting too much? I do not know frankly. I just need to pass this crucial time as it goes into 4 AM. This is the time when the brain kind of gives up on you. Also i guess with all the digestion going on, it becomes tougher.

That reminds me of Tom and Jerry. How so? Well, there’s this episode if you have seen it where Tom stands gaurd outside Jerry’s ‘Home Sweet Home’ waiting for him to show up. As he falls sleepy, he tries to keep his eyes open using toothpicks (which eventually snap !) and then tapes his eyes. Then he keeps gulping tea until his stomach bulges out bouncing in front of him full of tea. Haha what a scene !


I could not get that particular pic. But i hope atleast a few of you remember seeing it! 🙂

Let’s say you were put in a closed room which has no lighting. Absolutely Dark. Would you be sleeping all the time ? Would you know when to sleep without knowing whether it is day or night outside ? The same goes for a brightly lit room. Would you never sleep ? Think of thick walled prisons where many innocents lie in darkness with hope giving them only as much light as one needs to survive. Is it getting too creepy ? Maybe, i am just writing off the top of my head.


The worst of all fears

Maybe everyone should try this once. Wake up and when you start feeling sleepy start ranting on your blog. A collection of sleep-deprived posts.Because when you wake up after whenever you sleep and read what you wrote, you will be amazed at your honesty !

The owl must really think of the world as fools, or as containing only buildings and trees. When it is awake, nothing is around and when everything is happening, it is lost in sleep. Poor guy. Or lucky perhaps? Too lucky i think. It’s never too good to be too lucky.

The first thing i am doing after sunrise is to smoke a cigarette and then walk around. Nothing is better than that. I will go the park to amuse myself seeing people who wake up early and run/walk/jog/yoga. I will smile and nod to them and make them believe that I too like them got up just now. Haha. Evil smile. :->

What about people who do night shifts ? Well i guess what they think is – “Hell ! I am going to pull an All – dayer today man !” But then i guess they will be found taking naps over phone calls at office.

I do not get this thing about time zones. Agreed, the earth is rotating so we do not have the same time everywhere. But then, what the fuck is time ? If it isn’t even same for everyone. Why do we keep worrying about time waste ? Time is never wasted. It’s us and our life that is wasted. Fuck time. Its a goddamn illusion. The only time is ‘now’, the one you can feel slipping through your hands. That all. All these AM’s and PM’s and GMT’s B/l/a/h is a poor attempt of man at quantifying life on the basis of hypothetical duration. Heavy stuff. But yeah if you think of it, its all crap shoot.


Yeah, that’s what it is I say – Spiraling into nothingness

It an other kind of trance. A drug-less, music-less, meditation-less, sex-less trance. Its like the minds way of saying – “Fuck you. You wanna play with me? You wanna remain awake. Take this –”

There’s going to be a point when I stop writing and go find myself a nice place to see the sunrise. It’s near to impossible in cities. You get to see sunrise about 3 hours after it has already occured. You keep searching for the divine source of light otherwise.

I hope to be able to come up with a photo on sunrise later on ! Its almost 5AM now. So that means a huge chunk of my Job is done. Now i just need to fight the sleep that will come haunting at around 7AM when i sit with the newspaper.

So this blog post is what happened as a result of my not sleeping today. Quite worth it, ain’t it ?


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